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The Bay of Roses offers a coast of contrasts with more than twelve kilometers of beaches and coves of clear water and fifty kilometers of navigable channels.

The beaches

Extensions of fine sand combined with the deep blue of the sky and the sea are an indispensable pleasure. Punta Beach, Nova Beach, St. Margarita Beach, Els Palangrers Beach, Canyelles Petites Beach, Bonifaci Beach and L’Almadrava Beach.

The coves

A must-visit in Roses is to discover the paradisiacal coves; the path offers panoramic views of fine-grained plateaux, with impressive ravines and a deep blue frame. Cala Murtra, Cala Rostella, Cala Calís, Cala Montjoi, Cala Calitjàs, Cala Pelosa, Cala Canadell and Cala Joncols.